Korean Movie Review: Scandal Makers

After viewing Sunny, I was extremely impressed with director Kang Hyung-cheol’s ability to juggle several characters at once whilst still managing to keep the film engaging and the viewer emotionally invested.  I decided to go through his, surprisingly small, back catalogue of movies to look at his debut feature, Scandal Makers starring Cha Tae-hyeon and Park Bo-young.

Hyeon-soo (Cha Ta-hyeon) is a former teen idol now in his 30s with a slightly deluded sense of grandeur.  Whilst hosting his popular radio talk show, he receives a call from Jung-nam; a single mother who is looking for advice on how best to interact when she finally meets her long lost father and has to tell him she now has a child of her own. Hyeon-soo feels a connection to the caller, which is ironic because it turns out the HE is in fact Jung-nam’s father, who, in taking his advice, has turned up unannounced on Hyeon-soo’s doorstep with her child. To make matters worse, the listeners of Hyeon-soo’s radio show who are unaware of this strange turn of events, are curious to find out the outcome of Jung-nam’s intriguing story.

Not wanting to cause a scandal, Hyeon-soo takes it upon himself to create the story people want to hear without surrounding himself in a shame.  This seems unlikely to happen as Jung-nam enters a singing contest run by Hyeon-soo’s radio station.  As her popularity increases, the chances of this scandal staying hidden dramatically decrease.

Just like Sunny, Kang Hyeong-cheol has crafted several genuinely funny moments and has displayed a real sense of comedic timing. The pacing of the film isn’t as tight as Sunny, but you can see there has been a real progress from debut feature to his sophomore effort.


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