Korean Movie Review – My Little Bride (어린 신부)

Having been pleasantly surprised by “All About My Wife” (2012), I decided that October’s reviews would be a romantic comedy double bill, and one film that continually crops up on the lists of best Korean romantic comedies is “My Little Bride.”

Released in 2004, the film follows high school student Bo-eun and longtime family friend Sang-min. It transpires that Bo-eun’s grandfather made a promise to Sang-min’s family during the Korean War to ensure Sang-min and Bo-eun would marry. Obviously, both parties are against the idea, but they cave in to their dying grandfather’s final wish.

This causes countless problems, as Bo-eun is in love with the high school baseball star and Sang-min is a playboy who just wants his freedom before he graduates college. Oh, and I should mention that Bo-eun is only 15 years old.

“My Little Bride” is not a terrible film by any means. Unrealistic? Yes. Exceptionally generic? Definitely. But the main problem I had was that I just couldn’t stand any of the characters.

I know Kim Rae-won was supposed to play Sang-min as an arrogant, selfish ladies’ man. But just because his character suddenly changes in the last 20 minutes, doesn’t mean that I could change my opinion quite so easily.

And I’m sure Moon Geun-yeong did a great job in portraying the 15-year-old Bo-eun, but she was just so bloody annoying. Her constant whines and screams were so irritating. She manages to grow up in the end (a 15-year-old growing up?) but it’s all too late. Even the sweet old grandfather was a liar who played up his illness to trick his 15-year-old granddaughter into marriage against her wishes.

Both “My Little Bride” and “All About My Wife” represent different eras in Korean filmmaking and both are very both successful in their own ways. But if I had to make a choice, it would be “All About My Wife” every time.

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