Korean Movie Review – Killer Toon (더 웹툰)

Ji-yoon (Lee Si-yeong) is a recluse who often has trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. The only contact she has with the outside world is through her psychiatrist, who tries to make sense of the strange things she sees. These visions, however, have made Ji- yoon famous, as she uses them in her popular webtoon.

Days before the release of her latest work, things become complicated as several of the grizzly murders she’s depicted on her computer screen start happening exactly as they were written. First comes the grisly murder of the manager of her webtoon series, whose past is revealed to be a bit spotty. Then, a news announcer is electrocuted, just as Ji-yoon predicted. And finally, the local morgue owner, who himself has several large skeletons in his closet, is brutally murdered by something not of this world.

While the police initially presume the first two deaths are suicides, they start to piece together these strange coincidences, theorize that Ji-yoon is acting out her gruesome stories and begin to suspect that she’s involved in the murders.

As one might expect, director Kim Yong-gyun takes inspiration from classics such as the “Ju-on” series (1998-2014) and “Ring” (1998). I mean, what Asian horror film is complete without a pale ghostly lady in white with black hair?

But like most K-horror films, the first hour of “Killer Toon” (2013) is filled with some good scares and jumps, while the second hour has you trying to work out who the evil spirit actually is and what connection it has to our main characters.

I don’t think anyone will be too shocked when any of the predictable plot twists are revealed, but it’s an enjoyable enough ride watching them take place. The film was a huge success for a horror film at the box office, but “Killer Toon” is more in line with lower end K-horror films like “The Cat” (2011) and “APT” (2006) than classics like “A Tale of Two Sisters” (2003).

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