Korean Movie Review – A Wonderful Moment (마이 리틀 히어로)

“A Wonderful Moment” follows a musical director, Il-han (Kim Rae-won), who has just failed in his first attempt to put on a theaterical show.  Still operating with a deluded sense of grandeur, Il-han enters a contest to become the creative director for an upcoming Korean musical that will head to Broadway.  The task at hand?  Find a new lead singer for the show.

The contestants must choose a lead singer through a blind casting call, and Il-han chooses Glory (Yeong-gwang), a half-Filipino man who has been rejected by all those around him.  The one exception is his friend, Seong-jun, who is of African descent.  The real challenge for Il-han isn’t winning the compeition and restoring his name, it’s overcoming his prejudices to see the talent that lies beneath the color of Glory’s skin.

Much like last year’s excellent “Welcome to the Punch,” the film explores what it’s like to be an outsider in Korea and the obstacles they face.  Seong-jun tells Glory that “people like us must dream responsibly.”  They both believe there’s truth in this message because this is what they’re so often told.  Yet through their gifts, the pair are gradually accepted by their peers and their teachers.

One could argue that while the film does appear to be telling us that anyone can be accepted into mainsteam society, the subtext is that you can only do so if you have talent.  Glory is accepted because of his singing ability and Seong-jun is accepted because he is gifted at football.  Leaving it at that, however, would be a pessimistic way to look at the film and I’m no pessimist.  Instead, I choose to take it for the feel-good film it is.  “A Wonderful Moment” celebrates diversity and shoes that even though we may all have our faults, we can achieve our dreams no matter what the situation may be.  Im choosing to see the best in the film, just as everybody in the film chooses to see the best in Glory.

More Information

Directed by: Kim Seong-hun

Rating: G

Genre: Drama

Running time: 135 minutes

Categories: Reviews


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