Skyfall – Released in Korea today!

There are three topics of conversation I try to avoid at a party for fear of a heated debate.  1. What political party you support.  2. What religion you belong to.  And 3. Who is the best James Bond ?  “SEAN CONNERY!” I hear you cry, which is the most common answer.  While he might well be the most iconic Bond and starred in some classic films, for me, there is no contest; Daniel Craig’s incarnation of the spy is head and shoulders above the rest.

When Daniel Craig took over as Bond, i thought he was a breath of fresh air and i loved the new direction taken by Casino Royale.  It was a new, edgy Bond who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.  He could snap someone’s neck then wash the blood off his shirt and return to a game of poker before you could say “shaken not stirred.”

Of course i understood what made Bond such a successful franchise in the first place, but I was never a fan.  While Dr. No and The Man with the Golden Gun are classics in the pantheon of Bond films, I just found the whole series far too campy, oozing with cheese and would never get that excited every time a new film came around.  That all changed when Daniel Craig stepped into fill the void left by Pierce Brosnan and I couldn’t wait for the follow up to Casino Royale.

Sadly, i thought Quantum of Solace was a massive disappointment.  All action and no plot, the film could have easily been an additional 20 minutes at the end of Casino Royale instead of being its own overlong, drawn out film.  I think the producers realized this too, as they have hired Oscar Winning director Sam Mendes to take over the reins, which is surely a sign they want to focus a little more on character development.

The 23rd Bond film, titled Skyfall, sees James Bond presumed dead after a mission gone wrong in Istanbul and focuses on the subsequent identity leak of every undercover MI6  agent on to the internet.  From here, tell us that “Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her.  As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.”

With MGMs financial troubles behind them, it finally seems that everything is falling into place for the 23rd outing of the world’s most famous spy.  With an Oscar winning director, the return of Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem playing the films villain, I am very excited for Skyfall.

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