2016’s Top 10 “Movies” vs. 2016’s Top 10 “Films” or: “How I learned to stop worrying and love Batman v Superman”

December is an exciting month to be a movie lover, as the awards season moves into it’s final stretch and we eagerly anticipate the release of critics and bloggers “Top ...

Korean Film Review – Roaring Currents (명량)

Every so often a film bulldozes it’s way into popular culture and becomes a critical and financial phenomenon. One such film is Kim Han-min’s Han Roaring Currents, which stars Choi ...

Cine de Chef – A Film and Restaurant Review

My two main passions in life are the cinema, and food. Therefore, i feel generally quite spoilt in Korea as tickets are half the price of England and, Bondegi aside, ...

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On the Scene at Jeonju Film Fest: AYOADE, EISENBERG SAVE BEST ‘TIL LAST

It seems only fitting that that my final review from the Jeonju ...

On the Scene at the Jeonju Film Fest: MAD, SAD, BAD

Having been rightly regarded as one of Asia’s most important film festivals, ...

Korean Film Review – OASIS (오아시스)

Recently released on a special edition DVD, “Oasis” follows convict Jong-du as ...

Korean Film Review – The Punch

I find Korean cinema to be a strange beast.  There is no ...

JIFF Interview: Director Raya Martin

One of the hottest tickets of the third day at the Jeonju ...

A Zombie Film made in Korea – An Interview with Director Nick J. Calder

What would you do if you found out the Korean dream wasn’t ...

Interview with JIFF Programmer Yoo Un-seoung

Since it’s inception in 2000, the Jeonju International Film Festival has seen ...

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – A Preview

Sun Tzu famously wrote in his classic The Art of War, that ...

Kick Ass – A Review

Violence – Check! Sex – Check! Drugs – Check! Foul Language – ...

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Korean Movie Review: R-Point

Action / Drama / Horror 106 minutes / Directed by Kong Su-chang / R With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the festive season than by watching two of the best Korean horror films from the last 10 years? “That’s not very festive,” I hear you say. Well, unlike Heo Jin-ho’s “Christmas in August” (1998), […]

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Korean Movie Review: Spider Forest

Thriller / Mystery 112 minutes / Directed by Song Il-gon / R While wandering in the strange woods known as the Spider Forest, Kang-min (Kam Woo-sung) comes across an old cabin wherein his girlfriend, struggling for life, is laying beside a dead body. After seeing the unknown attacker hiding outside the cabin, he gives chase but is hit by […]

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Korean Movie Review: Sunny

Sunny is the story of Na-mi; a shy, unassuming girl who transfers from her high school in Jeollabuk-do (Jeolla represent!) to the bright lights of Seoul.  While her accent and fashion sense (or rather lack of) singles her out and makes her the butt of many jokes, she is accepted by six of her classmates who […]

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Korean Movie Review: Scandal Makers

After viewing Sunny, I was extremely impressed with director Kang Hyung-cheol’s ability to juggle several characters at once whilst still managing to keep the film engaging and the viewer emotionally invested.  I decided to go through his, surprisingly small, back catalogue of movies to look at his debut feature, Scandal Makers starring Cha Tae-hyeon and Park […]

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Korean Movie Review: No Tears for the Dead

After the critical and commercial success of “The Man From Nowhere,” expectations were high for Lee Jeong-bom’s next feature, “No Tears for the Dead,” which stars one of Korea’s biggest actors, Jang Dong-gun.   Jang plays Gon, a Korean-born hit man who works for the triads in the United States. His latest mission doesn’t go […]

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